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Company Background

Started out as Dudley's Colorado Tech Support in 2014, being a company that was based in Colorado and doing both web hosting with the additional services of tech support but quickly found that web hosting is the bigger strong passion but still helping clients and their needs.

Begin realizing that having a long domain was time consuming and therefore DCTS Solutions was formed and began with being used. Since then we have kept the DCTS Solutions service at a focus of 100%.
Always thought about how it would be since we started out the same way once before. Aimed for making sure the setup process was easy and quick with making sure that we covered everything off the bat.
We are always working to make sure we keep the server and data safe, secure plus have backups in 2 locations for if there are issues.

Company goals

Company goals isn't to be a huge name like most and have low or bad reviews, but to merely be a name that can be referred to for quality, customer focused satisfaction before anything else.

Quality, happy customers from day 1 until the end of time
WordPress or other sites supported properly among hopefully many servers
location expansion to be nationwide to allow flexible choice of faster site loading

Current Staff

All th current staff at DCTS Solutions.

Nick D Founder

Nick D

CEO & Founder
who started the

Lina D Founder

Lina D

CEO & Founder
who started the

Adam G Support

Adam G

who supports the