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SSL Shoutcast/Icecast

SSL Shoutcast/Icecast Server

SSL Shoutcast/Icecast

Due to the recent security changes with Chrome™, we have gotten a new standalone server and software in place that handles both https and can do Shoutcast/Icecast switching between or be just a single type based on your needs. With this new system we are working to make sure it will be ready to handle your purchase and provide details quickly so your not having a long wait time.

Options are just a Shoutcast or just Icecast

If requested, possible to manually switch between Shoutcast and Icecast

How will it benefit you? You can purchase just Shoutcast or just Icecast or maybe your into both, so you can purchase a switcher account to go between the two of them

What will be the URL?

Due to the current configuration until custom URLs are available, your stream or URL will be which can be heard via Chrome  as well.