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Master and Alpha Reseller Coming!
Posted by DCTS Solutions Hosting on 07 March 2021 05:57 AM

Yes we are going to be releasing with the new site design both Master and Alpha Reseller to be available to everyone whose wanting it. We will be also looking into being able to include on certain plans a WHMCS license once we have gotten the process setup and streamlined smoothly to be able to make it so the license will be valid properly and instantly ASAP. This means no illegal or backdoor setups, but real solid licenses that you can get support from WHMCS as it would be a valid license that

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Helpdesk Repowered
Posted by DCTS Solutions Hosting on 06 March 2021 08:07 PM

Yes we have had a previous version of the same helpdesk with a bit more issues but now we have gotten it upgraded to the latest and much more smoother sailing than before. We will be handling all tech related issues through here only. If it's about billing then it must be through our billing system. So if you need something then please use the proper ticket system to get it handled.

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