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Knowledgebase : Shared Hosting

You will be required to contact our or submitting a ticket to get the process going for getting your account migrated from your previous host to us. This process generally takes very little to no time at all depending on how big your account is with your old host. If you account is under 10GB then it is fairly quick, but if your account is over 10GB then it will be a little bit longer.

Please note that if your previous host has issues with allowing remote access to your current account, then we will be required to do a backup in order to move the account. This would be the only choice to work with as a backup plan since that would be the only option left to work with.

Please note this is a sample of the welcome email that is sent to you once you purchase hosting through us.


If you have requested a domain name during sign up, we will register this domain once your payment has been cleared, this can take up to 24 hours.


Please keep in mind that your domain name may not be visible on the internet for between 24 and 72 hours. This process is called "propagation". Until your domain has propagated, your website and email will not function.

Please ensure your homepage is saved as an "index" file e.g., index.htm, index.html. We suggest you download Filezilla from if you do not already have an ftp client.
Other recommended useful software may be found in our knowledgebase

IMPORTANT: Make sure you upload your files to the PUBLIC_HTML or WWW (they are the same location) directory on the server, otherwise they will not be visible on the internet.

Below are your account details. Please keep these in a safe and secure place.

Account Info:

Domain: (if using own or purchasing through us)
Username: (cpanel generated name)
Password: (generated password unless specific password required)
Hosting Package: (name of hosting plan purchased)
Server Host: (shared IP unless purchasing dedicated IP)
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

FTP Hostname:
We allow 10 concurrent FTP connections per IP. This ensures a speedy site upload/download.

Webpage URL:

Accessing cPanel: or
Username: (cpanel generated name)
Password: (generated password unless specific password required)
Please note: If you need to change your cPanel password, you may do so from contacting us or after you logged in with the password setup.

The DCTS Solutions Account Management System (AMS) is located at

Login: (your email address you signed up with)
Password: (generated or specific password)

Your domain comes pre-configured with SPF, DKIM already setup.
If you wish to send and receive mail from a(n) (your domain) address, you will need to create an e-mail address. You may do so from cPanel's Email section by clicking "Email Accounts".
Please note that unauthenticated PHP mail or php mail() is disabled, it's not supported due to deliverability issues or possible spam abuse. To guarantee delivery to your users from server applications, please see "How to setup Email accounts in various applications"

Once created, your credentials will be:

Username : The FULL email address that you are picking up from (e.g.
If your email client cannot accept a @ symbol, then you may replace this with a plus sign.
Password : As specified in cPanel.


External e-mail clients:
Outlook and Thunderbird auto-configuration will pick up the proper values when setting up a new account.

SMTP: Requires STARTTLS (Port 465)
POP3: Requires SSL/TLS (Port 995)
IMAP: Requires SSL/TLS (Port 993)

Modsecurity, designed to protect web applications from various attacks, is enabled for all sites on this server and can be disabled through cPanel.
Disabling modsecurity exposes your sites to exploits and should only be disabled for troubleshooting purposes.
If you are receiving 403/406 oerrors on certain pages for your site, search pages particularly can trigger this, this could be a false positive in Modsecurity.
To verify this, disable Modsecurity via cPanel and repeat the operation.
If disabling Modsecurity solves the issue, please open a ticket with the specifics, what page you were on and what you were doing when the error came up, so support can whitelist that specific page.

If you suspect your site may have infected files, you may run an an antivirus scan via cPanel, under Advanced. We do run scans periodically to ensure any suspicious activity isn't allowed to remain active in your account.

Additional Software:
Softaculous has over 450 applications you may install, including various site builders, like Concrete5 and Prestashop, along with Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and much more.
For your convenience, Softaculous is included with every hosting account. Check it out from your cPanel interface..

We strongly recommend keeping your site's software up to date, since outdated software can lead to site breaches, which, in turn, can lead to service suspension.
You may use the application's auto-update feature or Softaculous' auto-update function to accomplish this.
Existing sites may be imported into Softaculous and will benefit from its auto-update feature. Please back up your site before importing and updating.

While DCTS Solutions uses modsecurity rules and a few other tricks to protect your site, securing your site is your responsibility.

MultiPHP is enabled for all domains. You may select your PHP version from cPanel. Please note that there may be compatibility issues with existing applications when switching PHP versions.

Cron jobs:
If you wish to receive cron e-mails, you must enter a valid e-mail in the cron page, under Cpanel, when you set up your cron job(s).

DCTS Solutions recommends that you develop your entire site in https, to take advantage of HTTP/2. Every site comes with a free Sectigo/Comodo from cPanel certificate which will become active within a few hours of activation.
Please note that your domain must be pointing to the server before adding it as the server verify the domain is already setup to be verified before processing the SSL.


To request support, please submit a support ticket through our client area by logging in and clicking "Open ticket".
You may also e-mail from the e-mail account you registered with us.

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