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Knowledgebase : Alpha Reseller

If your wanting to setup custom nameservers, please be aware that you will need to make sure that you aware that this is done at your domain registrar and not just done with us. We will make them based on what your wanting as far as how they are labeled, such examples are or

If you are needing help with getting these setup then please be aware that we will be requiring you submit a ticket to get this done.

We will provide you with the server IPs that you will be able to use with your custom name servers.

You will be required to contact our or submitting a ticket to get the process going for getting your account migrated from your previous host to us. This process generally takes very little to no time at all depending on how big your account is with your old host. If you account is under 10GB then it is fairly quick, but if your account is over 10GB then it will be a little bit longer.

Please note that if your previous host has issues with allowing remote access to your current account, then we will be required to do a backup in order to move the account. This would be the only choice to work with as a backup plan since that would be the only option left to work with.

We are doing with the new design rework that we will be releasing both Master and Alpha reseller plans as well. We ask that you understand the pricing might seem high but this is to be fair with various providers and that you are getting nearly an account like root to make either resellers or even master resellers depending on your account.

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