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Live Chat Replaced

Live Chat Replaced

Live Chat Replaced

As you may have noticed that we have done a complete rework of not only our site but also our live chat. This was done to ensure that we have gotten something a bit more cleaner, mobile responisve and also a bit more easier to get help when you need it, not hunting around for it. This new system is great for us as we can ensure we are able to help you whether at the desk or away as we can switch between mobile and stationary program access.

desktop or mobile device, your able to contact us. Just use the live chat button anytime.

Copy of the chat can be sent to you or we can follow up.

How will it benefit you? It will show when we are available or when we are not available, very simple to read with red and green of each status.

When are you available to help me?

We will do every chance we can to answer you in a timely fashion, if we aren't able to then we will follow up via message or email, or even a ticket for you.