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New Design

New Design

New Website Design

As you may have noticed that we have done a complete rework of not only our site but also our billing, chat/support system and also live chat as well. This was done to ensure that we have gotten something a bit more cleaner, mobile responisve and also a bit more eye catching as well. These decisions were made based on what we the owners felt the company would look good having and thus began working to switch things over.

Benefits of the new site is being able to ensure it's cleaner for your viewing

Pricing table breaks down all the features of what's included and not included.

How will it benefit you? With us being very upfront and transparent with the way we run our hosting company, you will see all that we do and how we do things.

Will the new design be easier to see promos?

With that, we will simply say yes. One of the main features we chose to go with this design is that the style and ability to ensure that we made things clearer, direct and most of all something to make it all smoother between billing, support or our main site.